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ROG Umble V1.4 - Build Instructions

ROG Umble V1.4 - Build Instructions

1.0.0 - 15 September, 2015 573.62 KB
ROG Umble V1.3/1.4 - 1590B Template

ROG Umble V1.3/1.4 - 1590B Template

1.0.0 - 18 July, 2015 24.24 KB

runoffgroove’s great Umble circuit!


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PCB only.

PCBs based on runoffgroove circuits purchased from TH custom effects are intended for DIY / non-commercial use only. Any commercial use whatsoever is forbidden.


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Weight 8 g
Dimensions 85 × 29 × 2 mm

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3 reviews for ROG Umble V1.4 PCB

  1. John Roberts (verified owner)

    With this latest version of the Umble board, Thomas has given us the full, original ROG schematic. It’s a winner! There’s a huge amount of gain available (too much for some), but it’s controllable. ROG themselves suggest adding a switch to lift the Capacitor (C5) on the source of Q1 (and/or Q2) from ground to give a low-gain option. On a footswitch this might give a useful boost option, and it would be easy to do with this board. The tone stack is a bit odd – that’s how it works on the full-sized amps, apparently. There are some lovely sounds available, right from soft, smooth overdrive to some pretty over-the-top, almost fuzz sounds, which I doubt were a feature of the original! Biasing all four FETS is made much easier by the inclusion of test points on the board. It all fits easily in a 1590B on its side with the controls in a logical line across the top. I can thoroughly recommend this version of the Umble board.

  2. Wes Colvin (verified owner)

    SMT MMBFJ201 pads are on the back of the PCB! No need to waste your SMT adapter/break-out boards on this build if you don’t have a stash of TO-92 J201’s on hand… Did I mention it sounds great, too?

  3. Clayton

    Smooth, fat and a little hissy.Just like the real thing.

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